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Hi. Posting here in the hope that someone may recognise this and be able to tell me what it is. The little sprouts are growing from the backs of the leaves, and because it's part of a bouquet, the part shown is the only part I can describe.

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Any suggestions? Thank you.

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So, I posted a while back, an entry which you might find pretty easily because not many people have posted since, about a plant I could not ID that looked like a pair of kidneys, I now know that plant to be Twin-Leaf. I found that out myself, by doing a little research.

But here's a new one. I am sure this is a member of the pea family (Fabaceae). I am not sure exactly what it is, but it is pretty.

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This is my first post here. Hello! :) I've been racking my brains over this plant in my mom's backyard. She calls it a verbena, but now I think that this may not be the case; none of the photos of verbena species online match it. Its flowers are white and the inflorescences are spikes. The individual flowers/florets seem to me to have a tubular corolla with four (rarely five) lobes at the end. The leaves are rather small and ovate. The flower is very, very fragrant. Can you please help me? Here are some pictures. (These were taken in the Philippines.)

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Thank you so much! I'm sorry that I'm not very good at making pictures smaller. It would be great if I could get a tentative species name; I know at least that this is not a Verbena urticifolia. :)
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So here is an approx. pic of the plants I was talking about, couldn't find a pic online, so I made one in paint. I hope this helps in IDing the plants.

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So at work this person brought in a plant they had found and it was pretty neat looking. I wish I had the forsite before to get a picture of it, because I told the family they could keep it if they wanted and they did. I had not seen this plant before, like I said it was unusual. I wish I had pics, but I will do the best I can to try to describe it.

I believe the part I saw was the fruit. It was green, I do not know if it will change to a different color as it ripens or not. It was a berry-like fruit; had many carpels. The fruit was fairly large about the size of an egg and cone shaped.  The stalk was long and hollow and yellowish green and I was told there were large leaves attached. I will try to find a picture on the internet, but this is all the detail I have for now.

Also there is a plant I call "kidney wort" even though there is no such thing to my knowledge, but the plants leaves look a pair of kidneys and they get real yellow when they are about to die. They are low lying plants and are kind of like ginger or bloodroot. They are everywhere along trail edges, where I work. Any one know what they are?

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I went to Hawaii a few years ago and I took tons of pictures of plants and have been able to id all but a few. These plants were found in botanical gardens at Umauma Falls on the big Island. These plants were supposed to represent native plants in a Hawaiian rainforest. So, if you know anything about Hawaiian plants, you should be able to help me identify these.

Note: 21 Pictures Behind the Cut

Any help would be appreciated, family names, common, scientific, anything.

pictures also posted on: http://www.franklincollege.edu/pwp/jhelmbold/hawaii.html
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Hi everyone. My name is Adrian and I could use some help identifying some plants I photographed. All help will be greatly appreciated!

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